A successful international student project leads to a cross- country master thesis

Part of the certificate was an international internship project with the top brand PUMA, who wants to implement RFID technology into their supply chain processes.

The project was exciting, instructive and it inspired Federica to dedicate her upcoming master thesis to this future oriented topic.

Ms. Margot Elwischer will be a mentor for Federica, who will submit the master thesis in Rome with her professor Francesco Bellini of Information and Communication Technologies (Universita Roma „La Sapienza“).

We’re looking forward to a fruitful cooperation between the two universities and an excellent thesis from highly motivated student.

Personal comment from Federica:

‘’The Puma project allowed me to get in touch with a company operating in an international context. During the development of the project for the implementation of RFID technology in the supply chain, with my team, I knew the dynamics hidden behind the company’s supply chain. In the next decade, new technologies will become part of the company’s daily life to increase value and reduce timing, the company’s goal is therefore to be found prepared and responsive to this change. The commitment of us students has been to design the possible implementation of RFID technology by exposing advantages and disadvantages, analyzing the economic benefits and providing possible alternatives.

I thank Prof. Elwischger and the Puma managers who have been available and supported us in this project.’’

© Mag. Margot Elwischger, MIM, MBA