Experience Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Participants of the study program “International Supply Chain Management” recently had the chance to run their own business. During the course “Sustainable Supply Chain Management” (lecturer: Mag. (FH) Maria Siller) students virtually managed their own fruit juice company and made it profitable again.

Faced with declining performance of the company called “The Fresh Connection” students implemented an effective supply chain strategy that allows business to perform more sustainable. Together as a team representing the functional roles Sales, Operations, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing they were confronted with various real-time dilemmas and had to build up a cross-functional understanding of the supply chain.

By playing this business simulation game students had the opportunity to learn by experience by immediately putting complex theories into practice. The statement of the students shows that playing the game was an interesting experience.

Lukas Wahlgren

19.1.2021 19:26

💬 Interesting game, very interesting and a nice change from traditional lessons, very good to implement learnings in a practical way

Giulia Tiralongo

19.1.2021 19:24

💬 It was a great game and experience to do with my colleagues. running a company without any expertise, or a little bit, is what the game asks and the role that every person interpreted not only were they important to their department but it affected all of the company’s results and performance, the collaborative part was important as the personal achievement one if not more.

Willem Strik

19.1.2021 19:21

💬 The Fresh Connection is a fun digital game that brings you into contact with different facets of the business world. Different departments play a role and it is the power to coordinate all decisions. In short, an educational but above all a fun way to bring theory closer to the practical framework.

Christina Bürgmann

19.1.2021 19:20

💬 It’s a very nice game, where we gained some experience in different roles and therefore learned and also saw how important communication between all involved departments is – without communication, the results would have been worse.